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Conversations From The Abyss

May 1, 2019

A grieving man befriends a ghost in a graveyard. (Hal Lublin, Mark Gagliardi, Rick Overton)

Apr 15, 2019

A middle manager never seems to have enough time, until he meets a sales rep who offers to sell him more. (Bil Dwyer, Carrie Barrett)

Apr 1, 2019

An indecisive woman realizes she isn't good at making decisions, so she allows something else to make them for her. (Janet Varney, Annie Savage)

Mar 15, 2019

Two brothers engage in a prolonged sibling rivalry. (Jason Sklar, Randy Sklar)

Mar 1, 2019

A Man has an unexpected conversation with his phone. (Paul Gilmartin, Laura House)